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Abr 222013
Entrance totem poles
Entrance roof to the BAC underground theatre
Night time projection of images and use of halo lighting
Direction defined by red and blue ribbons
Main entrance hall



The brief is to bring a fresh image to the Association’s main facility with the aspiration to bring the same aesthetic to the other branches. The concept is to unify the new signage with the fixed furniture whilst integrating the artificial lighting in a bid to tidy up the clutter in the space.

The solution is the creation of two ‘ribbons’ one red and the other blue. The red ribbon forms an external seat and continues into the building to define the entrance axis. The blue ribbon runs perpendicular and defines the route to the two vertical circulation cores.

Design Development

Images produced during the design process

Facts + Figures

Construction start:
Total Floor area:
Internal Floor area:
External covered area:
Bedrooms: 4 ensuite + servant quarters
Bathrooms and toilets:

Design team: