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Abr 162013
Clarecare Community Centre before completion
Clarecare Community Centre erection of entrance canopy
Clarecare Community Centre view from road early morning



Garwin Farrenarchitect  was asked to deliver a 400m2 centre with support offices and common facilities to be designed and constructed within a limited budget. The building had to maximise the expansion potential of the small site as well as having consideration for the overall development plan for the wider site which was ear marked for the Primary Care Centre for the region.

Building Layout

The building is a very compact design with one fire escape stair working to the absolute limits of the building codes.  The public functions are planned into the ground floor and the staff offices, canteen and meeting rooms are on the first floor.  The simple design has been refined to ensure that the shop, public canteen etc. are all in the best location and that nothing can be added or taken away to improve the arrangement.

Architectural Treatment

The primary external treatment of the Clarecare Community Centre is with white painted sand & cement render.  The silver metal sheet of the roof is brought down sections of the walls in all 4 elevations to provide a distinctive building image and to pay homage to the agricultural buildings which the community centre has replaced.  The entrance to the building as well as the exit from the public canteen have been provided with a canopy to shelter the building users.


Featured Images of the various slide shows taken during the build

Facts + Figures

Construction start:
Total Floor area:
Internal Floor area:
External covered area:
Bedrooms: 4 ensuite + servant quarters
Bathrooms and toilets:

Design team: