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Abr 162013


European Space Agency Deep Space Station 3, Mendoza, Argentina

This is a competition for the design of the European Space Agency’s third deep space antenna with a 35m reflector, increasing the number of ground stations to 10 in seven countries. The new ground station will be located in the vicinity of Malargüe, in the province Mendoza, Argentina.
The Brief consists of the design of a highly serviced site in a remote location. The brief consists of facilitating the construction of the massive antenna as well as the design of 1800m2 of accommodation including the operations building (offices & Main Equipment Room), a power plant building, store building, guard house and pump house.

With a very functional plan the building found expression through the section. The design is an expression of the heavens meeting the earth and is a homage to space exploration as well as the grandeur of the surrounding natural landscape.

The design of the buildings expresses the arrival of the station to this remote and beautiful landscape. The overhanging roof which provides much needed solar shading to the glazing which separates the white modernity of the roof from the earth coloured base which rises seamlessly from the arid ground.

Design Development

Facts + Figures

Contract Value: €6.5 million
Floor area: 1800m2