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Abr 172013


Primary Care Centres are part of the PCCC Transformation Programme developed by the Health Service Executive in Ireland. These facilities seek to re-balance secondary care and primary care. They will provide first level contact for the patient and will be fully accessible to local communities.

The building consists of 956m2 of dedicated and shared HSE and GP accommodation and 272m2 of general circulation. An area of 486m2 has been provided on each floor for the purpose of future expansion and other related ‘health and social care provision’.

The building is arranged in a spiral around a central courtyard divided in two by the main circulation. The main circulation passes through the building to provide access from either side, corresponding with the two points of access to the site. The public access is simple and way finding for the users is straight forward.
The main entrance faces south east to avail of any sunlight. The entrance door is recessed into the building sheltering form the prevailing westerly winds and south westerly winds. Shelter is reinforced by the provision of a canopy over the set-down area. The covered set-down area is for ambulance and priority patients only.
The Planning Application also includes a scheme of 12 sheltered housing units which would be maintained by the same management company as the Primary Care Facility, and it is envisaged that the location of these two facilities adjacent to each other will benefit both.


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Design Development

Images produced during the design process


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Facts + Figures

Construction start:
Total Floor area:
Internal Floor area:
External covered area:
Bedrooms: 4 ensuite + servant quarters
Bathrooms and toilets:

Design team: