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Abr 172013



Existing Building
This project involves the renovation & extension of a dwelling in Buenos Aires. The semi-detached house is a 1920’s ‘Casa Chorizo’, a building type particular to the Argentine vernacular. This urban dwelling is arranged around 3 external spaces the central patio, the roof terrace and the back garden. It was felt that the existing internal rooms failed to address the outdoor spaces and that the outdoor spaces could be celebrated much more.
Conservation & New Works
The design involves retaining the character of the house whilst creating a number of insertions to facilitate modern living. A glazed corridor allows internal passage through the patio to the private spaces beyond. The corridor is treated as part of the patio space and is full of event, light and colour. A comidor or dining area has been added to the rear of the house, overlooking the garden and immediately adjacent to the new swimming pool.
In the existing house the high quality existing joinery had been restored to its original state including the hardwood floors, doors and window. The few simple additions have transformed the house into a labyrinth with multiple paths and views.


Featured Images’ of the various slide shows taken during the build

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