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The Way we Work

Garwin Farrenarchitect

GFa was established in September of 2008 with offices in Argentina and Ireland, working on buildings types ranging from master planning to house design. The practice continues to expand its portfolio of projects in Europe and South America.

We believe that architecture can improve the quality of our lives. We believe that architecture is a participatory process founded on listening. We listen in order to ask the right questions.

We are a design led practice we aspire to bring quality to all our projects from the big to the small. Architecture is an expression of our values and as such we strive to produce sustainable response to our clients’ needs.

Our primary focus is to provide the client with value added, high quality, reliable and cost effective architectural services. The emphasis throughout is on achieving a high level of quality in all aspects of our work, from conceptualisation to the realization of the building on site.


•Architecture is an expression of our values

•Architecture participatory process is founded on listening & communication

•We listen in order to ask the right questions

•Architecture can improve the quality of our lives

•Architecture must respond to the senses and to the rhythms of nature & the built environment

•Each architectural problem requires an individual and sensitive response

•Architecture is a celebration of our humanity