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Feb 122017
Casa 5 Pinar del Faro, José Ignacio, Punta del Este
Casa 5 Pinar del Faro, José Ignacio, Punta del Este
Ago 032015
Jul 302015
Abr 142013



Accident Emergency Department Kerry General Hospital

The project involves the complex challenge of providing a new department adjacent to the existing service as well as the subsequent renovation of the existing facility whilst maintaining patient services. The project involved complex planning of the programme and phasing in order to maintain the service during the construction.

The building represents high end healthcare design. Great lengths have be gone to ensure that the large space is filled with cool, reflected natural light. The section incorporated strategically placed roof lights allow light to fall around the head of the patients in the treatment areas. The design not only ensures the increased comfort of the patients but also the ease of treatment by the staff.

The key corner location on the campus required an important addition to the primarily single storey complex. The ground floor A & E is clad in a red stone to tie-in with the brickwork of the existing buildings. The associate administration area has been place at first floor to give the corner some height and has been clad externally in a lighter stone complementing the stone below.

The overall design intent is to provide clarity of function and access for the patients, staff and visitors. The building is separated from the existing building by a glazed section but makes reference to the existing in terms of colour, tone and scale. The project was one the first in the Country to be tendered under the new form of Government Contract for Public Buildings.

Design Development

Facts + Figures

Area total: 6,985m2
Presupuesto del proyecto: € 24 millones de Euros